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Find Your Happy Place!

Transform your Life from Blah to Brilliant through Growth Coaching

Reconnect with Yourself

Get what You Want

Love your Life

Do you have more questions than answers about your own life?

  • Who am I at this stage?

  • What do I really want from life?

  • Why do I feel blah and unmotivated?

  • Where could life take me if I got intentional?

  • When will I feel back on track?

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That's a Sign You're Ready to Grow!
So Let's Dig for the Answers Together

All types of growth take light, nourishment and attention. With the support of a trusted guide, you will:

  • understand yourself better by shining the light on your values and goals

  • appreciate yourself by digging into your strengths

  • elevate yourself by identifying areas that may be holding you back from what you want

What's it worth?

To live your purpose, be happier, enjoy deeper relationships, and maybe a career that actually fills you up - what's it worth to you? How about less stress, more fun, more profound joy and lasting fulfillment - what's that worth to you? If you're like me, it's worth everything I've got. Our lives are our greatest resource. You don't have to feel stuck with emptiness, restlessness, or discontent. When we partner together, you have my support and guidance through the adventure. Be the hero of your own story - your quest for your best life. I believe you're worth it and I'm here for you.

Here's to your adventure,


Anita Reimer, Growth Coach, ACC

Group Coaching Programs

To shake up your life in a healthy, dynamic community.

Choose Your Coaching Path!

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Know Thyself

11-Month Group
Coaching Experience

Annually Jan - Nov

Embrace Your

Five Enlightening Sessions

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Return To You

Find Yourself Again after experiencing a Narcissist.

Coming soon!

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Individual Coaching

To go deeper with an expert guide. To go further as your own hero.

Quick Start

9 Sessions over 3 Months
With 1:1 support, you'll recharge that motivation, make powerful changes and accomplish your goals!

From $1305

Deeper Results

12 Sessions over 6 Months
Reach big goals with an in-depth, personal approach to expanding your impact on your own life.

From $1680

Super Flex

Let's create a program just for you that meets your ideal structure, tailored to your goals, schedule and budget.


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Kind words from Happy Clients

Thanks to Anita’s coaching I have accomplished so many of my goals that I was going to do “someday.”  It was creating the clarity, having the accountability, and breaking things down into the smallest steps so that even I could no longer procrastinate. 

Sheila D.

With Anita's coaching, I have been able to double-down on achieving my goals, setting steps to reach them one-by-one. We have been working with personality profiling to figure out what's holding me back, and now I feel like I really can accomplish anything! (And I will!)

Lauren D.

I think some of the greatest transformations I’ve had working with Anita were in three simple ways of taking full responsibility for my life, creating better boundaries, and learning to respond instead of react.

Janet R.

Is Coaching for you?

People come to life coaching for many different reasons.  Below are a few results that transformational life coaching will produce in you: 

  • CREATE OR CLARIFY YOUR VISION – We are always changing.  Who we were a few years ago, what we wanted, the state of the world, what our dreams and goals were at that time, is very different than it is today.  We often need a reset, a re-evaluation, or a re-creation of ourselves to connect with the person we are today.

  • CREATE AWARENESS – What is holding you back from living your best life?  A coach can help you uproot any limiting beliefs, discover why aren’t things working out, revive your true values, and co-create what your best growth path is. 

  • TAKE ACTION – Coaching connects you to your inner motivation, helps you create the habits to consistently move forward, and provides you with accountability, so you will continue to take ground in making your dreams a reality.

  • BECOME YOUR BEST SELF! - Who we are always governs what we do.  Transformational life coaching is ultimately about you becoming a better person.  This includes being empowered to take 100% responsibility for your life, living in gratitude, creating habits that serve you, becoming a person who is focused, resilient, creative, and more authentic. 

  • A TRANSFORMATION STAYS WITH YOU - Your growth will spill over into every area of your life.  The transformation you experience will remain with you for the rest of your life.  Who you become is priceless.  


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