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Grow in Community

You don't have to go it alone!

There is exponential power in the group dynamic.  Your creativity will multiply through the ideas and experiences of other growth-minded people. You will have even more accountability and inspiration to continue taking action toward the life you want.  The group dynamic provides great connections and some of the friendships you will make in these courses will last a lifetime.

Group Experiences

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Know Thyself 2024

11-Month Group Coaching Experience

Don’t let another ordinary year slide by.  Start making your life happen by intentionally creating the life you want.  Give yourself an entire year to focus on your vision, clean up your messes, develop solid habits, experience deep transformation, and truly create (and live) the life you want in every area.  You are guaranteed an enriching experience with personal development tools you can use for the rest of your life.  Know Thyself is the smorgasbord of coaching.  It’s the very best of the best personal growth tools all wrapped into one course.  


This program is not about quick fixes.  It is about creating shifts and genuine change in your life because your inner foundation will be different.  You cannot change what you do, until you change who you are.

The next group starts in January 2024

Coach Reimer’s Know Thyself program helped me to set attainable goals and focus and gave me the tools to boost my confidence to do things I haven't been able to do successfully on my own. I learned new tools that I can take with me and incorporate into my life to keep the growth and focus going!

I recommend the Know Thyself program to anyone, because who wouldn't want to know more about themselves and help them learn tools to improve their growth?!

Christy Ransom

Know Thyself

The Details!

  • Five Tuesdays: September 12th – October 10th

  • $249 INTRO RATE – Half Price! ($498)

  • Five sessions of 90-minute group coaching, PLUS one personal coaching session.

  • Assessments and resources to discover your pearl, polarities, personality type, wing, subtype, and growth path. 

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Embrace Your Enneagram

with Anita, Certified Enneagram Coach 

If you’re someone who loves personal growth and you want to understand yourself, your loved ones, and those you work with, then this program is for you!  


While online tests may give an initial indication of your Enneagram personality type, they are often only 50% - 60% accurate.  Tests may show the behaviour (which can be common for many types), but they do not get to the reason behind the behaviour.  


What will this Enneagram course and working with an Inner Life Skills coach bring you? 

  • A deeper discover of what is underneath why you do what you do.

  • An accurate understanding of your personality and the other personality types.  

  • Building better relationships, and truly understanding “what makes us all tick!” 

  • An eye-opening look into your blind spots with practical ways to transform them.

  • How you operate in security and stress, and how to grow to become better under stress.

  • A clear and personalize map for growth that takes you toward your wholeness to live in your highest potential.

Return to You
So You Married a Narcisist Book Cover.png

Return to You

Heal & Thrive in life-after-the-Narcissist

Have you ever been in a relationship with a narcissist and have lost the person you used to be?

Finding yourself engaged in psychological warfare?  Constantly walking on eggshells?  Are you living with chronic manipulation?  Do you want to be free from the cycle of bad relationships?  


This program is designed to give you some answers to the madness of how narcissists operate.  It takes you on the path of freedom, healing, and empowerment to return to the best parts of you.  It is for anyone who is at the point of asking:


What needs to change in my life? (I’m ready to make some changes!) so that this will never happen again. 


Return To You will help you:

  • Understand the chaos you’ve experienced with a Narcissist.

  • Create a plan for your healing journey.

  • Narcissist Proof Your Life – To take your power back and start thriving!


The Return to You program is based on Freya Strom’s Amazon best seller,

“So You Married A Narcissist – An Empath’s Guide To Healing & Empowerment.”

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