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lifE coaching

My coaching style:

  • Using exploration and powerful questions, we’ll bring you to a place of awareness and clarity.  Greater mindfulness leads to better choices, resulting in positive changes.

  • We will use assessments and tools to enhance your awareness. 

  • This is YOUR journey, and YOU will set the focus for our meetings.

  • As your champion, I’m also committed to your growth and will challenge you and hold you accountable.


You can expect:

  • Confidentiality of everything that is said in our sessions.

  • Intentionally creating and owning your success.

  • Exploration of your values and strengths

  • Discovery of where you are at today, create a vision for the future with and plan to move you forward.

  • Discovery of what drains your energy and what you want more of in your life.

  • A journey of transformation, which takes time and is not an overnight success.

  • A new way of being, thus creating a new way of living that is in line with the life you desire.


My clients are people who:

  • Realize there is more to life than what they are currently living and want to make great changes in one or more areas of their lives.

  • Would like to start living a life of intention and choice, rather than a life of default.

  • Want greater clarity regarding their circumstances, who they are, and what their purpose is.

  • Are in major life transitions such as a change in marital status, a major career move, locating to a new place, or newly retired.

  • Would like greater skills in setting boundaries and communicating what they want with others.

  • Desire to be free from limiting beliefs, things that drain their energy and block their success.

  • Want greater accomplishments in their career, finances, relationships, and more time for recreation.


Coaching Results:

  • Greater awareness of who you are and the choices you can make in life.

  • Living a life of intentional design rather than a life of happenstance.

  • A stronger sense of who you are, what you have to offer, and how you want to live your life by being in alignment with your values.

  • An expanded vision of what is possible.

  • Freedom from things that drain you of energy. 

  • Effortless attraction of what you want in life.

  • Acquiring a greater peace of mind.

  • Strong, dynamic relationships with others.

  • Embracing and thriving in your uniqueness.

  • Accountability so that you will take the actions you desire.


How is Coaching different than other professions such as Therapy and Consulting?

  • Coaching vs. Therapy: Therapy often investigates past traumatic experiences a person has had, and the disorders that a person is experiencing.  Therapy seeks ways of understanding the past, healing from traumatic events and moving on. Coaching works in the present and works toward creating your future.  We explore where you are today, envision where you want to be in the future, and then strategize to close that gap to get you what you want in life.

  • Coaching vs. Consulting: Consultants are often specialists who give guidance from their expertise in a specific field of knowledge or from their experience.  They will often provide the solutions.  In coaching, we partner together.  The solutions will most often come from you through powerful questioning, or from something we have discovered together.




Questions? Ask Anita!




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6 Month Coaching Package:

$432/month (4 sessions/month)

$336/month (3 sessions/month)

$230/mnth (2 sessions/month)

3 Month Coaching Package:

$448/month (4 sessions/month)

$345/month (3 sessions/month)

$236/month (2 sessions/month)

Questions? Ask Anita!
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