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Fitness training

My fitness training style:


  • Functional training - that mimics the daily movements of life.  I focus on the “primal” movements that will enhance your everyday living.

  • Cardio fitness – strengthening the heart (our body’s most important muscle) and lungs while making the body more efficient and giving you more energy throughout the day.

  • Building strength – at the core, and building lean muscle mass, which helps improve and maintain a healthy metabolism.

  • Achieving greater mobility and gain flexibility – elongating the muscles, preventing injury, and activating a greater range of motion in the joints (that we lose naturally when we age and are less active).


What to expect:


  • Based on your goals and your current fitness ability, I will create a program tailored to where you are starting today and where you would like to get to in the future.

  • Depending on your goals, we will train with any number of the following: body weight exercises, band, balls, weights, TRX, and event specific training (such as for a running event or improving mobility for your golf game).

  • Training is a process.  It takes time to get your body into shape, to learn proper training techniques and to develop habits that will last.

  • Have fun, get motivated, be challenged, and advance to your next best level!


My clients are people who:


  • Would like to improve their health and fitness.

  • Are unable to stay consistent with exercising and/or lack motivation.

  • Don’t know what to do in an exercise program.

  • Would like to learn proper and safe training techniques.

  • Are seeking to improve their energy levels.

  • Have experienced weight gain and metabolic changes in the body and would like to be leaner.

  • Want to be comfortable in their own skin and proud of their bodies.

  • Would like to improve health concerns such as high blood pressure and mobility issues.

  • Are seeking variety rather than being bored with doing the same routine over again.


What are some of the results I’ll get from training?

  • More energy

  • Increased endurance

  • Improved lean muscle and shape to your body

  • Lower body fat

  • Decreased health risks

  • Greater quality of life

  • Motivation and accountability

  • Greater knowledge and experiences in exercise






. . .

6 Month Coaching Package:

$888/month (12 sessions/month)

$624/month (8 sessions/month)

$328/month (4 sessions/month)

3 Month Coaching Package:

$924/month (12 sessions/month)

$648/month (8 sessions/month)

$340/month (4 sessions/month)


Stand Alone Sessions

12 Pack - $1116

6 Pack - $588

PARTNER TRAINING – each partner receives 25% off of their package. Partners must schedule their sessions together and train together. 


DOUBLE DIP – Any client who participates in both personal training and life coaching will receive 10% DISCOUNT off of BOTH SERVICES! 


*GST added to all packages




. . .

6 Month Coaching Package:

$312/month (4 sessions/month)

$164/month (2 sessions/month)

3 Month Coaching Package:

$324/month (4 sessions/month)

$170/month (2 sessions/month)

Questions? Ask Anita!
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