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This is a year for clarity and taking action! Maybe some dreams and opportunities in life have slipped by in the past. I get it! We get demotivated, we fail to take action, we apathetically think it really doesn’t matter anymore. Months pass into years. One day we wake up and discover that we are not where we want to be.

The time is now to set a new trajectory in your life. What will you do about your dreams, goals, and desires in 2020? How can you stay focused to accomplish the big things you want in life? When you look back at your life in a few years, will 2020 be a significant year?

How would you like to get the ball rolling by making this year different? I challenge you to write down 20 audacious goals that you will commit to accomplish in 2020. Twenty things that might scare you if you declared them out loud. Twenty things that you have been wanting to do and have been putting off. Twenty desires that you have had for years and NOW is simply the time to get ‘er done!


The mere act of writing down your dreams and goals is proven to be twice as effective, verses only thinking about your goals. Writing out our goals ignites a deeper dimension in our brains and helps solidify intentions in our subconscious mind.


You can anchor your goal even further by enhancing the WHY behind it.

  1. Why is this significant enough that you want to accomplish this?

  2. What is specific about doing it now that is driving you? (verses waiting for “someday” or having done it months ago).

  3. What about this goal freaks you out? (Get your obstacles and fears out in the open. You will often realize they are mere molehills and not mountains).

  4. How rewarded and fulfilled will you be when you have accomplished your goal?

  5. How is this audacious goal attached what you value?

  6. What will it mean to you personally when you have accomplished this goal?


I was recently on a trip to Peru with four friends. I shared with one friend this idea of 20 Audacious Goals for 2020. She ran with the idea and created a Facebook group for the five of us to share our goals and check-in with each other. Involving others on your journey is another powerful way to get inspired and to stay accountable so that you will actually take action.

Below is an example of one of my audacious goals for 2020 with the why behind it:

Complete a language study trip in Mexico to learn more Spanish.

  • Significant – I want the freedom to communicate in another language. Immersion is the best way. Learning Spanish and becoming fluid in the language is a huge goal in life. I will be able to talk to more people and have greater ease when traveling to Mexico and South America.

  • Why now? – I have been wanting to learn Spanish for years. I was recently in Peru and would like to visit Argentina in the near future. It would be great to be conversational.

  • What freaks me out – Taking the time away. The flight and long bus route to the school’s destination. It is a significant amount of money.

  • How I will feel fulfilled and rewarded when accomplished – I would experience living in another culture. I would greatly increase my ability to speak Spanish. It would be a great travel and spring getaway!

  • Values – Learning, accomplishment, freedom and FUN.

  • Personal meaning – It opens up whole worlds when you can speak another language!

This is your year!

I encourage you to go big and dare greatly!

For those of you who would like more tools for growth, and to have the accountability to make 2020 your best year yet, I encourage you to check out my 2020 Vision Coaching Program.


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