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Spring is such a wonderful time of year!It’s a time to plant flowers, clean up the yard, sort through your things, de-clutter, dust, scrub, and polish. It’s a time of cleansing and renewal. How do you feel after a good spring clean when your home has been reorganized and revitalized?

  • You’ve gotten rid of the junk!

  • You have more energy and your mind is clear because you know where everything is!

  • You have more space for things you really want!

  • You feel accomplished!

How about doing the same for your life? It’s time to spring clean your:






Three easy steps for bringing renewal to each area of your life:

  1. ASSESS – take an inventory of where are you at – what works and what doesn’t. What is draining you of energy? What do you want more of in your life?

  2. DECLUTTER - get rid of the junk! – Toss, donate, or eliminate all of the things that no longer serve you, that have past their expiry date, or that drain you in any way, shape, or form.

  3. CREATE - Re-prioritize your life to add things that give you energy and joy. Make your ideal vision into a reality.


  • Assess – Look at how you live – your home and work space. What is draining you of energy when you look at it? Do you have piles? Half finished projects? Never used items? What do you love about your space? What uplifts you, motivates you, or gives you peace?

  • De-clutter – Clean up the piles, go through closets, make sure everything is in working order, filed away, and re-organized to how you want it. Donate or toss things you never use anymore or are outdated.

  • Create – Add to your space. Surround yourself with inspiration, peace, music, and art.​



  • Assess – Are your habits healthy? How is your eating, exercise, sleep, peace vs. stress levels, mental clarity, and emotional well-being?

  • Eliminate – sources of stress, junk food, habits and things that are toxic to your well-being.

  • Create – add things that give you clarity, vitality, peace, health, and renewal.



  • Assess – where are you really at with your job earnings, savings, investments, and spending?

  • Eliminate - get rid of the cobwebs – make a plan to eliminate any debt, figure out payments and taxes, update or create your will, get rid of investments that are costing you or benefiting you very little.

  • Create – a financial plan for the future you want to have and intentionally save for the things that are important to you – assets, investments, travel, education, updates for the home, toys and / or the “fun” fund.



  • Assess – how are you actually spending your time in regards to relationships? What relationships are draining for you, and which add energy to your life? Think of your significant other, family, friendships, and relationships in business, sports and church.

  • De-Clutter - get rid (or at least lessen your time with) the toxic people in your life that drag you down. Come to terms with people who have hurt you or any unresolved issues you may have. Have direct conversations with people regarding what isn’t working and what you want out of your relationship.

  • Create – who adds to your life that you would like to spend more time with? Who do you need to be to have the relationships you want? Be the type of person who can create great relationships and who is intentional about the people in their lives.


I am always open to give you a complementary 1 hour coaching session. If you would like some coaching on spring cleaning your life on one or more of these areas send me an e-mail or text and we will set up a time!

Carpe Diem!

Coach Reimer

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