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Do you ever feel like this:

  • I’m soooooo busy! I’m WAY too busy!

  • I can’t keep up!

  • My schedule is over-jammed with commitments, and obligations.

  • I’m burnt out!

  • How can I have so much stuff?

  • I feel contently distracted and I’m always thinking about the next thing I need to do.

  • Am I really running my own life???

What if you could get off of the never ending hamster wheel of being busy, exhausted, distracted and burnt out?

How would you like your life to be simpler, easy, peaceful and enjoyable?

When you begin to simplify your life, you will discover how drastically your inner and outer world will be enriched.


1. Your Space - Get rid of things that no longer serve you.

  • Duplicates

  • Closets – clothes or shoes you have not worn in 12 months

  • Anything you no longer use

  • Clutter – Full surfaces – desks, coffee table, kitchen table.

Less stuff means more freedom.

2. Time wasters

  • Excessive social media

  • Too much T.V.

  • Mindless reading

  • Social events that are obligations

  • Extra roles you have taken on that do not fulfill you or use your talents

3. Finances – trim the fat off what you aren’t using

  • Inactive Subscriptions

  • Cable

  • Professional organizations you no longer benefit from

  • Memberships you do not actively use – such as the gym, or clubs

  • Time shares that continue to sit empty

4. Relationships

  • One-sided friendships – only make time for the quality people

  • “Dump” time from friends and family – limit BMW time (bitch, moan and wail)

  • Obligations, “Shoulds” and expectations of others

5. Have a reserve of time – Don’t fill your schedule until its bursting at the seams. Have time each day where you have nothing planned. Unexpected things always come up and this way you have space for the unforeseen event without stressing yourself out.

6. Increase your presence – wherever you are, be fully there. Enjoy every moment of life. Experience the sunset, your evening out with friends, the smell of roses – this moment in time will never happen again.

7. Grow in Gratitude – Practice giving thanks in all areas of your life. When you live in simplicity and with great presence, you become more aware of what you have and gratitude becomes a way of life.


1. MORE TIME – Life’s greatest non-renewable resource.

2. DEEPER PEACE – Watch your inner peace increase when less things are distracting you and demanding your attention.

3. GREATER HEALTH - Your health may actually drastically improve because you no longer have the side effects that stress causes.

4. BETTER RELATIONSHIPS - The quality of your relationships will improve because you are more present, you listen more carefully, and you understand more fully.

5. LIVING YOUR VALUES - You will get back in touch with your values, purpose, and important relationships that were not available to you when you were too busy.

6. IMPROVED SELF-CARE – By simplifying your life, you are automatically taking better care of yourself.

7. SUPERIOR FINANCES –You are now more clear and intentional about where your money is spent. You also spend less because you are more content with what you have.

8. FULLY PRESENT – You are more consciously aware and present in everything you do.

9. GREATER PRODUCTIVITY - Your productivity will go up because you are clear and have less diversions.

10. A FLOW OF CREATIVITY – When you are more conscious and less distracted, you can respond to situations with greater flexibility and creativity.

11. INCREASED PURPOSE – You don’t waste time, money, or energy. Everything you now do is full of purpose and intent.

12. A RISE IN GRATITUDE AND CONTENTMENT – When you simplify, you learn to become more grateful and content with less; and as you are more grateful, you appreciate the simple things in life more.

Simplifying your life means decreasing your energy drainers, and increasing your reserve of time. When you are living in simplicity you are living in a place of growth. Simplicity can enrich all areas of your lives and increase your gratitude and presence.

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