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Do you have peace, abundance, and reserves there for you when you need them? Or are you stressed out, always behind, and feel like your life is running in the red? Most people today are operating on fumes. There’s no extra physical energy, only burn out! Money is tight! If work is slows down or a paycheck is late, eviction could be imminent. Expenses are at the limit with no fudge room. There is no time for traffic, delays or anything to go wrong. Our schedules are crammed, our drawers are packed, and there’s never enough time for our relationships. If you are feeling like this, there is another option …


When we have reserves in life, we have the extras – time, space and supplies (to name a few). It does take some planning, preparation, intention, and limit setting (heaven forbid even with yourself), and in the end it will give you more peace and freedom. Having reserve means you are prepared, you have extra and never run out, even when the unexpected happens. Creating a reserve gives you CHOICE. You have what you want and need and spend time doing what truly fulfills you.

What does creating reserves have to do with the Law Of Attraction?

Consider the difference between the two definitions:

  • Abundance – an extremely plentiful or over sufficient quantity or supply; overflowing fullness; prosperity; plethora; ampleness; wealth; opulence.

  • Scarcity – shortage, deficiency, lack, want, need, undersupply, insufficiency, unavailability, absence, inadequacy, limitedness, poverty.

When you create reserves (plan, save for, purposefully make happen), your mindset and focus will be in that space of abundance. When you are always behind, running around frantically, your energy and intentions will be in a place of scarcity. If you want more abundance in your life, you will attract more of it when your intentions, focus, mindset and actions are fully aligned.

7 Areas To Build Reserves And How To:

1. MONEY – It’s always a good idea to have some savings for the unexpected. Treat your savings account or investments like an expense that you contribute to each week or month. It will give you peace of mind and you will have the funds for emergencies or for when opportunities arise.

2. ENERGY – Allow some extra time in your life for relaxation or sleep. (Take it from someone who used to get by on four hours of sleep - it NEVER pays to tax your energy levels to the hilt! It will cost you more in the end). Allow time for leisure and to re-charge. You will find you are so much more productive during your other hours when you have a reserve of energy.

3. SPACE – Clutter competes for your attention and causes stress. It takes away from your ability to focus and process information. When you de-clutter and have a reserve of physical space in your closet, cupboards, and drawers, you have less stress and more focus. This also makes room for new things to come into your life and not have your closet stuck in the 90’s (for example).

4. TIME – Rather than packing your schedule to the hilt, schedule in some fudge room for your projects, spontaneous time to build relationships, or down time for yourself. Things always come up and often take longer than you think (ask anyone who has built a home). Creating a time reserve will give you peace of mind.

5. OPPORTUNITIES – When you create reserves of time, you will naturally find more opportunities. Having some windows in your schedule allows you to be more open. You may be surprised at the opportunities that come to you when you make the space for it.

6. SUPPLIES – Stock up on physical supplies for your household, office, and personal use. If you plan ahead and buy supplies for three or six months in advance, you will never have to think twice that you are running out of something. You won’t be in the emergency of needing something right away when you don’t have time to get it and the stores are closed. A couple of examples are toilet paper, ink for your printer, stamps, batteries, and gas in your car.

7. RELATIONSHIPS – This is the one that matters the most. Make sure you have room in your schedule for the people that really matter. The only way to grow relationships is to invest time in them and make them a priority.

15 Benefits of Creating Reserves in Your Life:

1. You can be fully present because you are not worrying or concerned about the next thing you have to do.

2. You live in peace of mind because you have freedom from worry and your life is effortless. With reserves you remove the desperation, panic, and stress. You can experience more ease in emergencies and the unexpected.

3. It provides you with more freedom of choice because you are not limited with frantic options.

4. It allows more time in your life because of less distractions and concerns. Who couldn’t use more time?

5. Reserves provide you a deeper relaxation because of an increased sense of ease.

6. You are healthier because you have less stress.

7. When you know there is always enough, it puts you in a “being” mode verses a “doing” mode.

8. You develop more confidence because you already know there is more than enough to handle everything.

9. You will have more space to grow. The more your needs are handled, the more time you have to stretch and grow and the less you are concerned for mere survival.

10. You are prepared for the unexpected and emergencies.

11. You can be more yourself. With a strong reserve you can have what you want and need and spend time doing what truly fulfills you.

12. When your cup runs over, you can be more generous with others.

13. Extra reserves are a consequence of abundance. When you intentionally create reserves, you have abundance and you will attract more abundance.

14. Your relationships will improve. You can be more present and focused on others and people will naturally become attracted to you because of your fantastic life.

15. You have “seed corn” for future development.

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