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What are the simple pleasures in life that give you a sense of contentment, joy, make you smile, or warm your heart?

Our simple pleasures usually don’t cost us a thing and they probably already exist in your life. These unassuming pockets of joy usually have to do with awakening the senses to what we see, hear, taste, touch, and feel in our everyday lives. They involve giving a moment to experience and take in what is surrounding you. We often take our simple pleasures for granted. When we pause for one moment to become aware of what they are, to experience and savour them, there’s no telling how much extra happiness you can find in a single day.

Simple pleasures can help you particularly when life feels challenging and stressful (such as in the recent age of COVID). In our pre-Covid days, it’s surprising how easily we swept aside some of life’s modest joys because they seemed non-essential in comparison to our overwhelming to-do lists. When we are living in a time crunch, the first things we often cut out of our lives are the simple pleasures. We do not take the time to stop and smell the roses because there are “things to do!”

Psychology Today did a study on how taking the time to enjoy simple pleasures actually helps you to reach your goals faster because you have more satisfaction in life. They found that on days when people experienced very few of life’s enjoyments, the minor irritations of everyday life ate away at their progress. In contrast, on days when people experienced a high number of simple pleasures, they stuck to their goals and made more progress. The bottom line is that experiencing simple pleasures can shield you from the harmful effects of small annoyances to give you more satisfaction in life which actually helps you to reach your goals.

We are living in a wonderful season where we have the time to be aware of and create this habit of enjoyment in our lives. What are some moments in your day that you will savour?

  • That first glorious sip of coffee or tea in the morning.

  • Walking through an avenue of cherry trees in blossom.

  • The warmth of the sun on your skin as you feel the Vitamin D soaking into your body.

  • A drive out in the countryside to explore some new sights.

  • The fresh smell of the earth and renewal after a rain.

  • Snuggling into bed with fresh sheets.

  • The sound of a creek, river, or waterfall rushing over the rocks.

  • The scent of a candle burning as you enjoy the warm glow.

  • The magnificent colours of a stunning sunset.

  • Soaking in a relaxing hot bubble bath.

  • Hearing encouraging, life-giving words from a friend when your heart is heavy.

  • A massage that soothes and smooths out your aching muscles.

  • The contrast of the hot and cold in your mouth as you enjoy a hot fudge sundae.

  • Watching a loved one experience joy and pleasure through a gift that you gave.

  • Savouring the unique fragrances of different coloured roses in a rose garden.

  • The feelings of love, acceptance, and contentment as you look into your partner’s eyes.

  • Taking in the brilliance and awe of creation as you stargaze on a clear night.

  • A cozy sweater, a crackling fire, and a mug of Jasmin tea.

  • Listening to the waves as you squish your toes in the sand and smell the ocean breeze.

  • The joyful sound as you hear the European bells sound their melodious tune at Mission Hill winery.

  • Biting into some melt-in-your-mouth chocolate chip cookies soon after they have come out of the oven. (Is it really possible to just have one?)

What beautiful simple moments in life will you take time to truly appreciate and enjoy this week?


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