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YOUR 10/10 YEAR IN 2020

The New Year is here! Challenge yourself to create a vision in ten areas of your life for 2020.

What specifically would it take for you to have a 10/10 in each of the following categories for

this year?











What would that mean for you personally to have a 10/10, for example, in the “Recreation &

Travel” category? Maybe it would include going on three ski trips, learning to paint, and taking an overseas adventure vacation. Perhaps for you a perfect year of recreation and travel would be to take a photography class, join a volleyball rec league, go someplace warm in the winter, and take a camping trip in the summer. What would make up your “10”?


1. Relational: What relationships would you like to focus on this year? How can you make

them grow and be even better? Consider the following relationships:

a. Significant other

b. Family – kids, parents, siblings

c. Friends

d. Network – co-workers, collaborators, colleagues, and other professionals

e. Mentors – Who are the people you would like to be around that would up your

game in life?

f. Mentees – Who are the people you would like to develop and pour into?

2. Career:

a. Are you living in your ideal career? Is there a new area where you would like to

branch off?

b. If you feeling like you have plateaued, what new skills or challenges can you take

on to refresh your passion?

c. How can you reach more people this year with your business, or sharpen your

skill set?

3. Financial:

a. What are you earning goals for 2020?

b. What are your numeric saving and investing goals?

c. Do you have any other type of investments – rentals, portfolio, stocks that you

would like to start up, re-evaluate, reinvest in, or diversify?

4. Spiritual:

a. How will you strengthen your relationship with God or your higher power?

b. What are some habits or disciplines you can have in your life that will help you to


c. How can you be more spiritually in tune?

d. Are there ways you can grow in spiritual community?

5. Physical - Fitness, Nutrition, & Health:

a. What does your ideal fitness routine look like?

b. Do you have a goal size or weight?

c. What does optimal nutrition mean for you?

d. Do you have any health issues that you would like to see improved or eliminated

this next year?

e. How can you improve your sleep and lower your stress levels?

6. Intellectual:

a. How will you grow your mind this next year?

b. What books would you like to read?

c. Are there any classes you would like to take, or areas of learning you would like

to focus on?

7. Emotional:

a. Which specific positive emotions would you like to experience more of next

year? (Such as peace, hope, joy, gratitude, purpose, love)

b. How will you ensure that you can experience more of these positive emotions in


c. What emotional areas would you like to eliminate or lessen in your life? (fear,

anger, negativity, guilt, sadness, boredom)

d. How will you overcome these in the new year?

8. Recreation & Travels:

a. What interests and hobbies did you enjoy last year that you would like to keep

up with?

b. What are some new interests and hobbies that you would like to be intentional

about including this year?

c. Where are all the places you would like to visit this year? With whom? What

would you like to do on your travels?

9. Contribution:

a. What strengths, talents, or skills do you have to give to others?

b. How would you like to serve others using your talents and strengths?

c. What is a cause or a people group that you are passionate about?

10. Personal Growth:

a. How would you like to take yourself out of your comfort zone?

b. What are things that terrify you that you really would like to do?

c. What character traits would you like to focus on this year? (Such as integrity,

discipline, generosity, listening).

Cheers to setting a vision for 2020 and making this a fabulous year of intentional growth!


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